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C-SED Overview

C-SED has multiple facets with all the necessary facilities/skills needed to assist aspiring social entrepreneurs, right from business idea development, proposal development, sales and marketing support, funding and investments, office setup and other aspects that are a must for a startup. Hence, C-SED is a one-stop solution to all entrepreneurial needs of a social entrepreneur.

We provide a one-stop solution for all student development needs. Here are the key components of what C-SED offers:

CSED provides tailored training programs covering both essential soft skills and technical skills vital for professional success.

Through CSED’s extensive network, students will gain access to diverse internship opportunities across various disciplines, enhancing their practical skills and industry exposure.

CSED assists in securing meaningful placements for students, aligning with their career aspirations and competencies.

CSED engages students in projects aligned with initiatives such as the Unnat Bharat Abhiyan, fostering sustainability and social impact.

CSED offers scholarships to deserving students, ensuring equitable access to quality education.

CSED supports students through the college admission process, facilitating a seamless transition into higher education.

CSED conducts workshops and programs to enhance faculty capabilities and leadership skills.

Students can participate in international conferences and HR conclaves organized by CSED, broadening their horizons and networking opportunities.

Our Team

Our team comprises industry-leading experts dedicated to empowering individuals through unparalleled guidance and support.

V Atchuta Rao

CEO & Founder of C-SED

CCO – Lead Schools

CEO – ME & A

Director – Operations CSED

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