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    It was a new experience and a great pleasure. First we started with Konappana Agrahara Government High School, next we went to Sham’s High School Gs Palya, St.Joseph School, Beratena Agrahara and finally Blue Bell, Hosa Road. The principals of all the four schools reacted in a good manner and we felt welcomed

    Sandhya Shree.V.
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    When I got to Blue Bell in Hosa Road, the principal wouldn’t give us permission to conduct essay competition in their school. But somehow, we were able to persuade him to let us carry out the competition. Then we went on to St.Joseph and Sham’s High School. Above all, it was a really good experience for me.

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    At CSI High School, where I carried out the competition, the Principal was very supportive and the students were active. It is a good school.

  • Customer Testimonails

    It was a new experience for me and the students were active, I had a good experience with the children and the principal was co-operative.

Customer Testimonails

When we first met Atchuta he was very spontaneous and kind. He has a very excited personality and is always happy. You will feel comfortable when you are accompanied by him and he will always make sure you have enough food to eat. He likes to show you around whole of India in his own personal car. Atchuta is a very inspiring man who worked his way up from poverty. He is helping the people who are in the same position Atchuta once was. He has a very clear vision which he is determined to accomplish.This makes him a trustworthy person to invest in. We are happy we could contribute by making a personal film about him. Thank you very much.

Joeri Housen, Meggie Geelen, Bob van Hout, Jeroen Smeets Students Communication & Multimedia Design