Our Journey of Self-Sustenance...

C-SED is a story of developing self-sustainability and self-dependence in the backward and struggling sectors of the society. With this sole aim, we are supporting an orphanage cum home for children. The initiative is currently being supported by 4500 schools in 40 districts across 4 states of Karnataka, Telangana, Andhra Pradesh and Maharashtra.

We have 24 children who will be groomed to become independent so that they can make their own identity in the society when they grow up. Our farms to kitchen model being successfully adopted in these homes are bringing a revolution of independent thinking and sustainable living among the children.

C-SED is thus paving way for selected social entrepreneurs to contribute to the society and participate in such social initiatives of the organisation. Many downtrodden families in the rural and semi-urban areas have found their joy of light through C-SED’s social initiatives and social entrepreneur development programs.

Through the development of a strong self-sustaining ecosystem, C-SED is nurturing social entrepreneurs by providing them with all the facilities that they need to start on their own and sustain on their own. C-SED is actually leading them by hand towards their success and ensuring the upliftment of the rural and semi-urban society.