Taking the Social Entrepreneurs in the Right Direction

C-SED empowers the aspiring social entrepreneurs to materialise their business idea into reality by introducing them to the market or business field, supporting them to build their initial roots, allowing them to expand and scale gradually along with technical assistance and investments. We follow the asset mapping technique at C-SED, where we analyse the skills or assets that the social entrepreneurs have, the resources that we can facilitate namely volunteer support, mentor support, financial support, infrastructure support etc. Then we suitably map these resources and allocate them at different stages to the social entrepreneurs until they become completely self-sufficient.

We facilitate:

  • Initial funding and financial support for aspiring social entrepreneurs.
  • We bridge the gap between social entrepreneurs and volunteers, mentors and coaches.
  • Technical assistance or knowledge support regarding the area of business requirement of the social entrepreneurs along with support for scaling and expansion.
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    Women entrepreneurship programmes

    The C-SED lab has a dedicated program for women who want to realise their dreams. Our target audience for this program includes housewives... aspiring to be social entrepreneurs, startup women entrepreneurs and already established business women. Women entrepreneurs will surely make their mark in the business world if they are guided properly and provided with a supportive ecosystem. Read more


    Student entrepreneurship programmes

    We at C-SED support the entrepreneurial aspirations of students who are pursuing their studies. By identifying the students having ...the suitable traits of becoming a successful social entrepreneur, we help them in realizing their dreams at an early stage. The students aspiring to be social entrepreneurs will be trained for a fixed period of time by the C-SED lab and their initial business ideas will be recognised. Then they will be offered internship positions in our affiliated companies who will build their ideas into reality over a period. Read more


    Short film/Digital marketing classes

    C-SED identifies the volunteers who are willing to help in the cause of C-SED preferably from an arts background and trains them through short ...filmmaking and digital marketing courses with certification. These trained volunteers will help in nurturing the business endeavours of aspiring social entrepreneurs. Read more



    If the business ideas are accessible, easily available and affordable to the society, then the social entrepreneurs with such ideas will be ... identified. Their ideas will be incubated and nurtured until they are ready to be converted into business reality. Our quality mentors, research scholars, investors and service providers will assist in incubating the business ideas of social entrepreneurs into full-fledged businesses. Read more



    Volunteers will be selected through our affiliated educational institutions and also through the online platform of C-SED website where the ...interested people can register for the same. These volunteers will be trained in assisting the aspiring social entrepreneurs in the fields of investment, funding, business idea incubation, technical assistance and many more. Read more


    Coaching/ Mentoring

    Experienced and successful entrepreneurs are working with C-SED in mentoring the aspiring social entrepreneurs regarding what to do? And how to do? ...For launching a business. This cycle can continue wherein these budding entrepreneurs who will become the successful entrepreneurs in the future will assist the upcoming entrepreneurs in achieving success. Read more



    The C-SED platform connects the aspiring social entrepreneurs with reputed brands which have collaborated with the C-SED platform. The budding entrepreneurs will learn the nuances of building their own brand identity in the business world from these established brands.Read more