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Student Entrepreneurship Programme at St.Francis de Sales College

ESTAH is partners with St.Francis De Sales College, which is located in electronics city Bangalore, and trained their first batch of students under C-SED Lab on February 2018 for 150 emerging potential social entrepreneurs.


SFS Internship Experiences at ESTAH

Recently, ESTAH Society partnered up with TATA, to aid them in conducting essay competitions for school children, from 6th to 12th standards. Thereby creating an internship opportunity for both UG and PG students of SFS College.


IFIM Students at Estah

However, we not only work with students from St.Francis de Sales college, but we have also had interns and volunteers from other colleges as well. We have had the pleasure, of having students from IFIM intern with us.


IFIM C-SED interns contributing to FACT

On the 14th of July 2018, Estah Society, took Interns from IFIM college, for a little field trip to Celebrity Signature apartment, to participate in the annual FACT events: Kids Camp and Fresh Vegetables Sales. This was their final assignment as interns at Estah.