About C-SED

What is C-SED

C-SED stands for Centre for Social Entrepreneurship Development and is based on asset mapping approach. In asset mapping, community strengths and resources readily available for social entrepreneurs are listed and mapped to ensure their complete business success.


C-SED is a unique initiative of ESTAH, the parent organisation which works for rural empowerment and upliftment therein. C-SED has evolved with time to become a full-fledged program in creating ecosystems suitable for social entrepreneurs.


C-SED has come a long way from being a simple concept to grow into a strong initiative. The C-SED lab has nurtured 40 entrepreneurs in four states of India and has created 300+ jobs.

Inside C-SED

C-SED is a strong initiative that identifies volunteers, mentors and coaches who would be trained thoroughly in their respective fields, and they will volunteer to develop successful social entrepreneurs.